Here are a selection of "new" OMD screen savers for 2002. Enjoy them.
The 2002 screen savers are all .exe files and have been run through a full virus test. As ever please read all the information as you install each screen saver. If for any reason you get a problem, please do not hesitate to mail me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. When you click each link, a download will start, let the file finish to down load, and where ever you have chosen to save the file, click the "filename.exe" The screen saver will auto install with full instructions, you are also able to uninstall the screen saver by running the .exe file a second time. I know this may sound a bit difficult, but I promise you should have no problems.

OMD Mixed! This may be a bit "Busy" for you Click To Get It  766KB 
And here we have Version 2 You may prefer to Down Load This One
862 KB

Another New one is the Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark 1979 - 2002 Screen Saver, do you want it?? Then GET IT HERE 2.5 Megs!

As for some fans Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphrey's are often seen as being the main band members, I have done a couple of Andy & Paul Screen Savers for you.
So, if you want Version One, Click Here
622 KB .. But you may also want Version Two, which can be found HERE 643 KB

For fans of Paul Humphrey's you will find his own Screen Saver HERE 618 KB

And Fans of Martin Cooper, will even find a Screen Saver Here 867 KB.

But lets also not forget Mail Holmes, and he also has his own Screen Saver which you can find, just by Clicking This Link 769 KB

Winston a long lost member of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, now gets his own funky screen saver. 
1.26 Megs

These Screen Savers Below are the original Batch Made a few years back.. But Still Good :)

Down Load the OMD Year 2000 Screen Saver File Name SetupOMDY2K.exe 4.91 megs

Down Load the "Original"  OMD Live Screen Saver this is .EXE FILE CLICK NOW 5.4 megs

Down Load the Architecture & Morality Saver. EXE FILE. File name SetupA&M1.exe 1.96 megs Or as a zip file DOWNLOAD HERE the file name is A&

Down Load The Crush Screen Saver NOW 1.98 Megs .EXE File. File name SetupCrush.exe