Liberator by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

LiberatorRelease Date 14/06/93











1. Stand Above Me
2. Everyday
3. King of Stone
4. Dollar Girl
5. Dream of Me (Based on Love's Theme)
6. Sunday Morning
7. Angus Dei
8. Love and Hate You
9. Heaven Is
10. Best Years of Our Lives
11. Christine
12. Only Tears

Though its certainly not akin to any of OMD's earlier, vastly more experimental work, 'Liberator' is an album that holds many of its own charms.

For a start, the themes of the tracks themselves are incredibly diverse- 'Sunday Morning' is a cover of a Lou Reed song (originally included on the revered 1967 album 'The Velvet Underground & Nico'), 'Dream of Me' includes a sample from Barry White's 1973 instrumental 'Love's Theme', and 'Stand Above Me'- an original track- is a plea to an ignorantly stubborn lover ('you say you love me/but I know you won't).

'Heaven Is' is also a wonderfully updated version of a track shelved from OMD's 1984 'Junk Culture' album, whilst 'Love and Hate You' is a bittersweet, yet upbeat song full of cleverly-written contradictions- making these the obvious highlights.

Although last three tracks may prove a little similar in tempo for some people's liking, and perhaps would have fared better were they spaced throughout the album a little more, 'Liberator', as a whole, is a satisfactory set of songs- and whilst hardly edgy, it is definitely enjoyable.