The History of Modern- Released 20th September 2010

Track Listing: 
1. New Babies; New Toys
2. If You Want It
3. History of Modern (Part I)
4. History of Modern (Part II)
5. Sometimes
7. New Holy Ground
8. The Future, The Past and Forever After
9. Sister Marie Says
10. Pulse
11. Green
12. Bondage of Fate
13. The Right Side?

US Bonus Track: 14. Save Me

'History of Modern' acted as something of a grand return for OMD. Having not released an album of new music since 1996 (although various compilation albums had been released in the meantime), the group were obviously determined to reinstate themselves as a relevant synthpop force- revised and updated for the twenty first century. Opening track 'New Babies; New Toys' starts the album with bite- and perhaps even a little spite- as McCluskey's reverb-soaked, distorted lead vocals spits truths about the X-Factorish world in which we currently live; 'They don't want you/they don't need you/they just use you/they just bleed you', we are assured. Evidence of the band attempting to return to their roots is also shown in the occasional nod to earlier influences. 'RFWK', for example, though a little whiney at times, showcases heartfelt lyrics dedicated to McCluskey's idols- Ralf, Florian, Wolfgang, and Karl (known collectively as Kraftwerk), who 'wrapped [their] arms around [him]', and made music that was 'the only constant through it all'. The arrangement on closing track 'The Right Side?' also drew heavily on the structure used for the Kraftwerk song 'Europe Endless'. The final track worth a mention is 'History of Modern' itself. Split into two parts (the first of which is no less than a catchy, edgy, majestic triumph) it also provides an apt title for the album- showing that OMD were trying (and generally succeeding) to prove that, whilst they are part of music history, they are more than capable of building on their original appeal to create songs that fit into today's mainstream