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Crush: The Movie (VHS/Japanese Laserdisc Release)

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Crush: The Movie (VHS/Japanese Laserdisc Release)

crush laser

Essentially a (mockingly-titled, according to the official OMD biography) documentary about the conception and recording of OMD's sixth album 'Crush', this hour long feature film gives us- amongst other things- interviews with various members of the band, clips of the group recording in the studio itself, and music videos for songs taken from the album.
At best, it is charming (moments like Andy and Paul's recital of Not The Nine O'Clock News's 'Super Trouper' parody), amusing (particularly Mal Holmes' sharp one-liners) , informative (most notably the discussions about the recording of the album) and provides the viewer with some great performances by the band ('Women III' and 'The Native Daughters of the Golden West' in particular).
However, the film also serves as a reminder of just how much OMD have changed as a group over the years- and whether it is for better or worse is debatable. Whilst they were once known for writing what can only be described as nothing less than synth pop classics ('Enola Gay', 'Electricity' and 'Messages' to name a few), 'Crush: The Movie' reveals to us in just how much the group had bowed to the commercialism of the American market in the mid-80s.

BBC Music Day 2017

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Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark live in Liverpool
Paul and Andy from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark join Mark and Stuart in Liverpool for BBC Music Day. They speak about how the city shaped their musical origins before playing a special live session of new and classic tracks.


- Enola Gay
- Isotype
- Electricity

Release date: 15 June 2017

The full set

And Isotype played live for the very first time.

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OMD Radio 2 Interview with Jonathan Ross

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Andy and Paul interview on BBC Radio 2

This is just the interview.

And the full inteview.

OMD Live - Electric Dreams - Vintage TV 2016

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OMD Live - Electric Dreams - Vintage TV 2016
Butlins Bognor Regis 3rd December 2016 and as part of the Vintage TV Electric Dream weekend OMD did a one hour live set. As far as I can see only the Enola Gay encore is missing from this clip.

The set list was;
Enola Gay
History of Modern Part (I)
Forever Live and Die
Joan of Arc
Maid of Orleans
Talking Loud and Clear
So In Love
Pandoras Box
Sailing on the Seven Seas


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The Punishment of Luxury

Due to release 1st September

OMD punishment Album cover 01 01

One More Time
Precision & Decay
As We Open, So We Close
What Have We Done
Robot Man
Art Eats Art
Kiss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bang
La Mitrailleuse
Ghost Star
The View From Here

OMD - La Mitrailleuse

OMD - Isotype



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